~ Privacy Statement ~

A privacy message from the WEB master:

It has come to our attention that due to a law in the European Union, we must have a stated privacy policy on our WEB site. So here goes.

Billionsinn is not an Inn and never was one. It's not a real business either. Only this WEB site exists.

The WEB site serves no function except to exist as a "Proof of Concept" test bed.

No matter what your age, we will not collect, sell, loan, share or give away information related to you or your use of this WEB site,

because none exists on this site.

There is no "adults only" or "unsuitable for children" content on this site.

There is nothing to register for or purchase directly from this WEB site, and nothing to subscribe to.

There's really not very much to do here.

There never has been.

That's not an accident.

We do not retain any WEB site data except as required for the site to function.

To be clear, no user specific information is placed, collected, available for sale, retained on or recoverable by us on this web site.

So we can't erase it or download it for you, because it doesn't exist.

Any information that might be (but likely wasn't ) collected by the hosting service we use

is beyond our control and would not be available to us in any case.

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